Editing Services

In addition to doing social research and writing my own work, I provide freelance editing services for the social sciences, humanities, finance, and law.

I can do “heavy edits” including re-conceptualizing and re-organization, help pitch articles and scholarly monographs, edit journal articles and textbooks and their peripherals, copyedit, index, and verify citations.

Rates vary depending on the project. I have a special rate for non-institutional and untenured payers.

Contact me at mail@pameladonovan.com for more details or to talk about a potential project.

A good book is a done book, and with Pam Donovan’s super- competent ultra-efficient editorial assistance, this book got both better and done.” Elizabeth A. Wissinger, author of This Year’s Model: Fashion, Media, and the Making of Glamour, New York University Press, 2015